Give him a free ride?

Today’s Chronicle had an article about the thirteen people who have signed up to run against Gavin Newsom for mayor of San Francisco in November. According to the newspaper, not one of the challengers is well-known enough to have a serious chance of unseating the mayor. So, what do San Franciscans do? Do we decide the mayoral race is not worth our attention and allow Mayor Newsom to slide into another term without breathing hard? Others may do that, but the League has a tradition of taking every race seriously. We intend to use the occasion of the election to raise serious questions about what is going on in the city. Are we completely satisfied with the way the Mayor’s office is operating? If not, what issues do we want to raise? No matter how well a politician is doing his or her job, citizens have an obligation to question them at every election and make them demonstrate that their plans will be the ones we want to support. So watch out, Mayor Newsom, no one gets a free ride from the League.

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