Get Involved!

Golden Gate_edited-8Become a Member & Volunteer:

We understand that our members and friends have busy, complicated schedules. However, we have many volunteer opportunities that do not require large time commitments


Story Bank:

After you join the League, you’re welcome to write a “Story Bank” blurb of any length (short, long, whatever meets your fancy) describing why you joined and what the League means to you. Your work will be featured in our communications channels. Go to the following link to find examples of previous Story Bank articles.

Agriculture Study:

The national League is currently conducting a study on Agriculture. There are a variety of ways members can help us contribute to this study. To learn more about the study at the national League site. Results from the study are due to the National League by April 18th. If you are interested in working with the San Francisco League on this study, please contact the office!

Contribute to our Blog:

Interested in following a topic for the League? Do you have a current event you think our members would be interested in? Write a blog entry! Visit our news area and then write your own post. Please make sure that any articles written for our blog are nonpartisan!

Office Work:

Do you love filing? Are you an organizational whiz? Come help Nati in the office! There is always work to be done and all contributions are appreciated!

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