Early primary problems

Most Californians support moving the presidential primary election to February. An early primary is supposed to offer state voters a better chance to influence who the eventual nominee of each party will be. On April 1, however, the S.F. Chronicle raised doubts. Instead of reinvigorating the primaries, columnist Martin Nolan suggests, the early campaign may leave voters bored with all the candidates. Turnout is often low in primaries, but 2008 may be the lowest yet. This might suit some politicians who hope to slip in some favorite ballot measures while the voters are sitting home. Ballot measures may not be as glamorous as candidate appearances, but a change in term limits, on the ballot for February, could make a big difference in the governance of the state. This is a year when the League’s analyses of the pros and cons of each ballot measure will mean a lot. Switch on those computers, there’s a lot to discuss.

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