Don’t stop worrying about water

The rains that have poured down in the Bay Area for a week have brought us a lot of rain, but not so much that we can stop conserving water. That’s the word from water experts as reported in the S.F. Chronicle today. One year with plenty of rain–and it’s too early to know whether we have that yet–is not enough to end a drought that’s been going on for three years. It took three dry years to get to the point we are at now and it will take at least two or three years to build up enough water for a while. The truth is, we will never be secure about water. The climate in the Bay Area was not arranged for the convenience of all the humans who live here, not if they insist on maintaining green lawns and exotic gardens planned for far different climates. Let’s face reality. If we want to enjoy the benefits of our mild climate and almost-always sunny skies, we have to change our habits to suit our location. Don’t let a few days of rain make us forget that cooperation with nature always works better than fighting against it.

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