Do you know what’s in those health bills?

The healthcare issue is absorbing more and more attention from the media and the public. We hear about surprising anger from retirees at town halls and even at family dinner tables and local coffee shops. Perhaps it’s time for all of us to learn a little more about what is actually in the healthcare bills now being considered in Congress. In the nick of time the N.Y. Times has come through with a brief primer on the proposed legislation. While this article doesn’t answer all the questions, at least it is a start toward a responsible discussion and may help both advocates and opponents of reform agree on what is actually on the table. No one can predict what may follow from the adoption of any particular bill, but we can at least get over groundless worries like euthanasia and “killing granny”. Americans have usually been able to face up to the facts when the time comes for action, perhaps that time is now.

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