Did you see all those propositions?

C.W. Nevius in today’s S.F. Chronicle points out a real threat to the democratic process in San Francisco. The current voters pamphlet is a bloated publication that will cause many a voter’s eyes to glaze over. Not only are their many candidates to choose from–from president down to local supervisors–but there are an unconscionable number of ballot measures. California has 12 measures on the ballot and San Francisco has 22. It will be tempting for many people to skip over most of the measures withut reading them. “When in doubt, vote no” seems to be the motto of many citizens, but there are important measures that may be lost if too many people do that. Any voter is entitled to ignore a few of the trivial measures that show up, but at least take a good look at the topics covered. Don’t let the important measures that will keep our city going and help the local community get lost. Visit SFVotes.org for information about local ballot measures, pick out the ones that mean something to you, and be sure to cast your ballot. This election is too important to miss.

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