Did you know about the June election?

Every day on the news we hear about elections being held somewhere–Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania–but California’s primary election in February seems long ago. It’s easy to forget that we have another primary coming up on June 3, and this one is important too. The S.F. Chronicle points out how many contested seats there are in the Democratic primary and how the results will affect the legislature for the next several years. Besides the candidate choices, voters will also be asked to make decisions on a number of important ballot measures. Some of these measures will change the way Californians live for years after all the candidates have left office. It’s very important for potential voters to find out more about their choices and decide which ones they support. That’s why the League will make available for this election the same objective information they provide every year. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see it on websites, TVs and in newspapers near you.

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