Destination Unknown

San Franciscans who live their life above the ground may have missed much of the drama going on in the underground Muni system this week as the new T trains started rolling. Unexpected glitches caused crowding on many of the Muni lines and prompted many complaints. As one anonymous rider on a packed N-Judah on Saturday afternoon called out to approving smiles, “Next stop–Hell”. Muni officials promise that the inconvenience is temporary, but city politicians have heard the voters. As reported in Sunday’s S.F. Chronicle, Aaron Peskin, President of the Board of Supervisors, is launching a ballot measure he hopes will fix the system. This charter amendment, expected on the ballot in November, will move more money from parking meters into the Muni budget and will give Muni management greater control in negotiating salaries for Muni employees. Transit issues are complex and solutions difficult to find. Both the League and SPUR will take a hard look at the proposed ballot measure when it comes before the voters and prepare objective information to help voters make a choice at the ballot box. Perhaps by this time next year the Muni destination will be truly heavenly instead of heading in the other direction.

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