Coping with gas prices

We have plenty of problems to talk about in the Bay Area these days, especially wildfires, but somehow we can’t resist talking most often about gas prices. Most people haven’t done much to save gas, except perhaps for a few extra trips on BART or Muni, but everyone worries about what the future will bring. Quite a few people are looking at Smart Cars those strange little things with a toy car look, but it’s hard to figure out how it would feel to drive on on an actual highway. Today the San Jose Mercury-News has given us a chance to find out. This is a refreshingly down-to-earth account of one person’s experience in driving a Smart Car. As usual there are pros and cons, but now that we are all looking for alternatives to the standard American car, it’s good to know how many of the innovative solutions being considered would actually work for us. We all know things have to change, so let’s consider all the options.

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