Compassion – Who needs it?

I just erased a lengthy blog entry about murder, mayhem, hatefulness, etc., and our fascination for same. I hear or read the news about the latest suicide bomber or fugitives fleeing after leaving a corpse in a suitcase or military people using rape as a form of intimidation and think, “such lovely people.”

Disappointed again was I to hear that our government (ironically talking this very same day about moral imperatives) deeply regrets the release of the Lockerbie bomber. After all, he is the poster child for the “lovely people” I loathe. This person reportedly has no regrets or remorse over bringing that jet down so long ago.

The point is, this Lockerbie person is dying. I’m sure his death is certain to occur in the very near term. Fine that he will die, of course, we say (in fact, too bad we couldn’t kill him first, many would say). Let him die in prison, we say. What do you mean, compassionate release.

So what defines a civilization? I don’t mean a people, or a culture, or a sect, or a neighborhood, but a civilization. High on my list would be compassion, with dignity and kindness. It enhances us all that the Scots permitted a compassionate release. They truly are lovely people. I am comforted today by their action. It’s something civilized. LLII.

ps. Aug 22. Yes, the Libyian reception was massively inappropriate and repugnant. The lawyers negotiating for Scotland on the release fell far short in their service to their clients – or maybe Libya breached the terms. Lovely people, those Libyans in the news lately.

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