Clean Money, As a Brief Respite from Healthcare Reform (Though Hardly Unrelated)

There is good news and bad on the clean money front. The good news is that two of Washington, D.C.’s most reliable and respected non-partisan watchdogs joined forces today and released a comprehensive database linking campaign contributions with earmarked spending by lawmakers. Check this out. It’s a fabulously user-friendly resource. For 2008, see how involved your representative was in seeking earmarked money and, in riveting detail, who contributed how much related to the earmark.

The good news is the database provides transparency. The bad news is reinforcement of just how pernicious campaign financing is. Help is on the way, in the form of campaign finance reform on both the state and federal level. The California Fair Elections Act is officially on the June 2010 California ballot. Look for clean money people out and about at fairs, festivals, and street corners this fall. Learn more, refresh your motivation, talk to your neighbors and friends – here’s informational support thanks to the California Clean Money Campaign. The League of Women Voters supports clean money. LLII.

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