Civics lessons (March forth on March 4th)

Welcome to the new activists! Pundits have been opining for years that the X, then Y, generation has no fire. Campuses have been quiet except on binge drinking night(s) and for the occasional sports event – though for the latter the alumni contribute significant noise. No longer. Students are alert and organizing. It’s terrific training for the rest of their lives.

Tuition/fees are increasing, school budgets are being slashed, teachers are being surplussed (so to speak) then rehired as temporary workers. School facilities are falling into disrepair. It is a tragedy that society cannot invest in its future, but the germination of activists may be the one side effect that could, in the end, ensure society.2 with thoughtful, aware citizens who understand the value of speaking in ways that will be heard. That is, in thoughtful, rational ways.

For example, a group of UC students took a little trouble with their attire (suits! matching separates!) and visited legislators in Sacramento. Unfortunately, those people in Sacramento put in cameo appearances as themselves, but for the students, it was a priceless education. Let’s hope they keep at it, and many, many of them see enough of our politicians that they decide (a) if those people can be politicians, anybody can be politicians and (b) they themselves should be politicians…of the public servant variety. Imagine.

We all can be new activists. We all can effect change. They teach us that in civics class, which might be revived once education funding is restored. Stand up for education. This Thursday join a Statewide Day of Action for education. Read up first, from this helpful data-rich page published by the California Teachers Association (the teachers like universal healthcare, too). You will be motivated, guaranteed.

Do this now. March forth on March 4th. LLII.

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