City celebrations

Earlier this fall, the rotunda of City Hall was filled with bridal couples and their friends celebrating marriages. The building looked much more somber when that rush ended. Soon the rotunda will again be sending out a message of joy as a large Tree of Hope will brighten the area starting Tuesday, Dec. 8. Mayor Newsom and his wife have invited the entire city to attend an opening ceremony featuring music and entertainment. The tree is decorated with hundreds of lovely origami cranes sent by school children in San Francisco and people from all over the world expressing their hopes for the future of the world. For those of us old enough to remember the thousand cranes of Hiroshima sent to victims of the atomic bombs that fell on that city, the origami birds are an especially poignant reminder of how people from many countries can join together sharing wishes and hopes for a better future. Let’s try not to forget them when all the season’s holidays are over.

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