Choosing public power?

The idea of public energy is not a new one in San Francisco; as the S. F.Chronicle reminds us, voters have been making decisions about this since the 1920s. This year voters will have another chance to choose when they vote on Proposition H on the November ballot. Today’s Chronicle outlines some of the history of this issue in the city and the options we are facing. The ballot measure is a complex one and it will take some time to understand the points of view of supporters and opponents. Most people in San Francisco support the idea of having more energy come from renewable energy sources, but not everyone is convinced that taking over PG&E; is the way to do it. The Mayor opposes the ballot measure, but eight of the supervisors support it. The Chronicle article is well worth reading to get background on the issue. In a few weeks the League’s own Pro/Con publication will be available and that will be well worth studying too. As voters we have our work cut out for us in this coming complex election.

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