Choose wellness (we do have a choice)

One in ten Bay Area homeowners will be at least 60 days in arrears in their mortgage payments by the end of this year, according to a study reported today in the Chron. Grim. So difficult for those households and the people who care about them. We’re all reading that the residential foreclosure problem has moved beyond the sub-prime borrowers to the ever widening pool of people with market-priced mortgages, but no job. This unemployment problem isn’t about to ease any time soon, they say.

Also today, we learn that the deficit will be even greater than previously estimated. It’s the downturn. People without jobs or with part-time, low-paying jobs can’t do their part in a consumer-fueled recovery. This will revive the argument that the country cannot afford healthcare reform.

Why people don’t see that all these jobless need and deserve healthcare is a mystery. More of a mystery is why people can’t imagine themselves, their family members, or their neighbors jobless and/or health insuranceless. Americans have generosity of spirit as a defining characteristic. Now would be a good time for that to be on display.

There will be a massive deficit whether or not we have healthcare reform. Choose healthcare reform as a priority, and let another program take the budget savings hit. Not education. Weaponry could be cut. So could NASA. The federal government isn’t like California in being limited as to where budget cuts can be made. Choose health and well being. Talk it up. LLII.

ps. Does anyone know why the Shuttle and rocket programs are located in Florida, where the weather is always a problem for launches and landings? The weather is perfect year-round in San Diego. Jobs for California! Talk it up.

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