Changing elections

Many concerned citizens, as well bewildered high school students, wonder whether the complicated Electoral College system works well for organizing presidential elections. Because of this system, no matter how close the vote may be in a state, the entire bloc of state votes goes to the winner. The League, as well as other civic organizations, have called for reforms in the system, but very little has changed. In 2008, however, Californians may have a chance to vote on a ballot measure that would divide the votes by county rather than by state. Whichever candidate wins an individual county will get the electoral votes from that county. Because there are at least 20 counties in California that are majority Republican, this system would favor Republican candidates. One commentator says it would give a candidate the equivalent of winning Ohio. Will voters go for this? It is likely to be on the ballot in June 2008, so now is the time to start educating voters about how it would work.

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