Can’t wait to see it!

As most people in San Francisco know by now, Saturday, Sept. 27, marks the opening of the new Academy of Sciences building in Golden Gate Park. For months now people who walk or bike in the park have watched ongoing construction at the site and answered questions from tourists visiting the DeYoung Museum across the way about what was going up. We have to feel sorry for those tourists who are already on their way back to Indiana or Italy and won’t be here to see the glorious unveiling. Even now the green-thatched roof offers an idea of the surprises in store. The importance of those ballot measures that we argued about and voted on some eight or ten years ago about building or not building a parking garage is now clear. They made it possible for the museum to stay in the park and for us to visit this major attraction. The price is high for a family, but not as high as Disneyland, and Disney never brought us a covey of splashing penguins nor a ghostly white albino crocodile. Now that’s something to look for!

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