Can we trust them to behave?

Board of Supervisors meetings are frequently lively and sometimes informative, but the one last night sends a signal that something is wrong at City Hall. As the morning newspapers report, Chris Daly and Bevan Dufty almost came to blows, making the work of city government look like a schoolyard squabble. C.W. Nevius in the Chronicle gives a good account of the situation: Supervisor Daly seems to be isolated from his colleagues and unable to find a way to get his suggestions acknowledged and discussed. Offering amendments that fail to get even a second is a fruitless way to waste meeting time. San Franciscans need to stop looking on the supervisor meetings as a kind of local reality show and demand responsible collaboration among our representatives. As former mayor Brown suggests, if the majority of supervisors believe they cannot work with Daly, they ought to move to censure him. That will bring the issue to the public and encourage more responsible behavior. There are well-tested ways of dealing with political disagreements. It’s time to stop talking about punching someone in the face and start acting like grown-ups.

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