Can we give up more voter information?

San Francisco, like every other city in the country, is in a budget crunch. All departments have been asked to cut back, including the Dept. of Elections. In response, the DOE has announced it will eliminate many of the city’s polling places, making the trip to the polls even more of a chore than it is now. In addition, the DOE is planning to limit the amount of information now being sent out to voters in the Voter Information Guide. The legal text of each ballot measure will no longer be printed but will be available online. Granted, not many people read the printed text, and those who really want it can probably find an online source but cutting back on voter information is not a trend to be encouraged. The League of Women Voters, and other nonprofits, will be more important than ever as a source of voter information. It’s vital to ensure that they have the resources to prepare their traditional analysis of ballot measures and to make it available to a wide public.

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