But where can I park?

Salon.com starts its article about America’s parking problems with the news that in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, there are 250,000 more parking spaces than there are cars registered, yet still people complain they can’t find a place to park. Even though more and more of the urban and suburban landscape is filling up with concrete parking lots, no one is happy about parking. People’s tolerance for the distance they will walk from a parking place to their destination is very short. Cars circle the closest parking lot hoping for a spot even though other lots stand empty a few blocks away. People in San Francisco are familiar with the struggle over how much downtown parking should be provided. Is raising the fees on parking meters a solution? Only if the meters are monitored and tickets given regularly. Would short-haul buses circling downtown stores and taking people to more distant parking lots help? Many solutions have been proposed, but success appears far off. It is a problem we will have with us for years to come until Americans adjust their livestyles.

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