But that’s not true!!

Every major election produces rumors and downright falsehoods that are spread, either maliciously or through ignorance, but this election seems to be winning a prize for the number of them circulating. The spread of technology makes it so much easier for anyone to thoughtlessly forward an email which may be true or may be pure fantasy. Any responsible citizen owes it to the country to check out rumors before passing them on. Fortunately technology offers easy ways to do that. Many political websites try to combat false rumors about their candidates, but perhaps the quickest and easiest to check on specific statements is to go to www.snopes.com  The quick list of hot topics on the left side of the front page lists the names of each of the presidential candidates (as well as other listings) which leads to a list of statements that are circulating and an icon to indicate whether each is true, false, or half-true. The background information for each of these statements is also given. Take a look at it, you’ll be glad to find the facts so you can help debunk some of the unfair rumors casting a shadow over our election process.

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