Busy week coming up

With Friday, August 3, as the deadline for certifying voting machines for the February 2008 election, this coming week will be a busy one in California. A new report on voting machines has just been released by a team experts from the University of California, and the report seems to indicate that all of the machines tested have weaknesses. The review was ordered by Debra Bowen, Secretary of State.
“The top-to-bottom review is designed to look at the security, accuracy, reliability and accessibility of the voting systems certified for use in California in a way that’s never been done before on a state or national level,” said Bowen, who as the Secretary of State is Califrnia’s chief elections officer. “Every voter has the right to have his or her vote counted as it was cast, and voters want to know if the very tools of our democracy are secure, accurate, reliable and accessible. The goal of the review is to strengthen people’s confidence in the integrity of our electoral process before California’s 15.7 million registered voters are asked to go to the polls on February 5, 2008, and vote in the presidential primary election.”

Secretary Bowen will be examining the report this week and will hold public hearings for comments on the voting systems. The hearings will be held in Sacramento, and are scheduled to be broadcast on the California channel on Monday. The League and other civic groups will be watching closely to see that the voting systems certified for use in the upcoming elections offer Californians a chance to vote securely, privately, and coneniently. This is a story to follow closely in the coming weeks and months.

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