Biggest election year ever

If you think we’ve been having too many elections recently, just wait till next year. 2008 is going to be the heaviest election year most of us can remember. Somehow it seemed like a good idea, a few months ago, to move the presidential primary election from June to February, but no one thought to move the Congressional primaries ahead. Voters will be going to the polls on February 5, and again on June 3, and all of this is just working up to the BIG ONE on November 4, 2008, when we will be voting for Presidential and Congressional plus Supervisors in half of San Francisco’s districts (the odd numbered ones) as well as other local officials. For help in keeping up with all this, visit the Department of elections website to see a calendar of upcoming elections through 2010. The League will be working hard next year to bring information about candidates and ballot measures to voters, but it won’t be easy. Why not think about joining the League and helping in the effort?

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