Big responsibilities for Californians

As we head toward a new year and a new administration, it’s easy to see that things are going to change dramatically across the country. One example, pointed out in the S.F. Chronicle, is that Californians will be much more prominent in the Obama administration than they have been for the past eight years. Secretary of Engery Steven Chu will be one of the most important influences and likely to bring a new look to the Energy Dept. Most Californians pride themselves on leading the country in green initiatives, now is the time to demonstrate what our leaders can do to make the rest of the country more aware of these issues. Of course, it would help if Californians could solve the current budget crisis which undermines our credibility and may persuade some that the state isn’t up to being a leader. We need to push the legislators in Sacramento to solve that problem so we can move ahead on other fronts.

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