Balancing priorities

Some community problems could only happen in California and one of these is the struggle in Santa Monica between the fitness seekers and the sleep seekers. Exercising on the median is now illegal because residents in nearby houses object to 6:00 AM whistles and exhortations as fitness leaders exhort their followers to work harder on their abs and heart rates. In a country which has a major problem with obesity, you might think everyone would encourage the inspiring sight of enthusiasts exercising before going to work in the morning, but no, for many people sleep comes first. Or perhaps it is the guilty consciences that make people object to being reminded that others are moving while they are slumbering. It seems there should be a compromise found. Whistles may be out, but how about little tooters that sound like a morning bird call. Who can object to birds getting up early in the morning? Californians ought to examine their priorities and their high standards of fitness. Anyone who has driven across the country must have noticed that the fitness level in California soars above that of the Midwest and South. Let’s not lose our advantage for the sake of a few more minutes of shuteye.

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