Are you taking the car?

The latest issue of Urbanist, the monthly publication of SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association) includes a long, thoughtful article “Muni on the Rise.” If you haven’t seen the print publication, try to get a copy or read it when it is mounted on the website Most San Franciscans are aware that Muni is necessary in the city, even though many of us still cling to our cars. The expense, not only to us but to the public, is described in an earlier SPUR article on the costs of driving in the city. We don’t always want to read about what we and our neighbors are paying for our infatuation with cars, but it is important to acknowledge that an urban area cannot have healthy growth without a sensible, well funded public transit program. The Bay Area League has been study this problem for years, and the Calendar on this website lists the Transportation Day meeting that will be held on Feb. 22 to consider the issue of regional transportation planning. It’s good to see two important civic organizations–the League and SPUR–working on the same issues. Let’s hope the public buys into the importance of insuring safe, speedy transportation.

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