Are you ready for the November 2014 Election?

Fri. October 31. It’s too late to mail-in your mail-in ballots–but you can drop them off at any polling place between 7 am and 8 pm on Tuesday, November 4.  If you decide you want to vote in person–but have received a mail in ballot–be sure to take that ballot and its envelope with you to your assigned polling place.

There are six state measures and twelve local measures on the November 4th ballot. To get informed on this large November ballot, please browse the resources available below.

Need more information?

Information on Local Races and Ballot Measures

Pros & Cons Guide: LWVSF has produced a non-partisan Pros & Cons Guide to help voters understand the local propositions. It is available online at The Guide is a compilation of publicly-filed ballot arguments, news articles, interviews with various advocates, and online research; they do not represent the opinions of the League of Women Voters of San Francisco or the Voter Services Committee. The Guide is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Candidate Statements:The LWVSF is proud to partner with SFGOVTV in educating voters before each election. Together we produce Candidate Statements, which provide voters with an opportunity to hear each candidate’s platform and understand their priorities.Click here to access the Candidate Statements.

Pro/Con Discussions: LWVSF also partners with SFGOVTV to produce the Pro/Con Discussions on local ballot measures. Pro/Con Discussions give voters an opportunity to hear the proponents and opponents arguments for the local measures. Click here to access our Pro/Con Discussions.

Candidate Forums: LWVSF organized four Candidate Forums to educate voters before the November Election. We hosted Forums for the following races- Community College Board, Board of Supervisors District 6, Board of Supervisors District 10, and State Assembly District 17. Please visit our YouTube page to view them online.

Information on State-Wide Races and Ballot Measures

The League of Women Voters of California Education Fund also produces many valuable resources to educate voters. You can browse their Pros & Cons Guide to learn more about the state-wide ballot measures.The Easy Voter Guide is also available, and provides clear, basic information on the upcoming election.  The Guide is also available for download on the website in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Click here to access the Easy Voter Guide in a variety of languages.

LWVC Education Fund also produced wonderful, short animated videos on some of the propositions. Click here to access LWVCEF’s informational videos on the state-wide ballot measures.

Thank you for being an informed voter!

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or (415) 989-8683.

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