Are you ready for June 3rd, Election Day?

Mon. June 2. It’s too late to mail-in your mail-in ballots–but you can drop them off at any polling place between 7 am and 8 pm on Tuesday, June 3.  If you decide you want to vote in person–but have received a mail in ballot–be sure to take that ballot and its envelope with you to your assigned polling place.

Only two state measures Prop 41, Bonds for Veterans’ Housing, and Prop 42, Public Records, and two local measures– Proposition A & B – are on the June 3 ballot.

Need more information?

LWVSF has produced a Pros & Cons Guide to help voters understand the local propositions. It is available online at

Click here to access our Pro/Con Discussions on Proposition A and Proposition B and the Candidate Statements, which outline each candidate’s platform.

The State Pros Pros-and-Cons-Banner-1& Cons Guide is available–visit the state League’s site for access to their PDFs. The Easy Voter Guide is also available, and provides clear, basic information on the upcoming election.  The Guide is also available for download on the website in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Click here to access the Easy Voter Guide in a variety of languages.

LWVC has much information available on both CA Proposition 41   and  CA Proposition 42.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or (415) 989-8683.

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