Are women better leaders?

The League has been working for 88 years to encourage more women to become leaders in civic affairs. In the U.S. many towns and cities have women mayors or city managers. The same is true in many parts of the world and now there are studies coming out to tell us how women fare as leaders. A comparison of villages in India led by a woman and those with a male leader showed that more services were available in women-headed villages than in others. Female leadership was associated with better water supplies and better educational facilities. The catch was, more citizens complained about women leaders than about men. It’s hard to say why this was true, but it shows that the League and other organizations working to encourage women as leaders have a lot more educating to do. India is not the only place where old stereotypes of how a woman should behave still rule. It may take another 88 years before the League manages to change the image for good.

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