Are we doing it right?

As people in San Francisco watch the budget fiasco in Sacramento we can at least feel a little smug about how well the city is handling its finances. However, as the SF Chronicle points out, the budget respite in the city is only temperary. Starting in July the city will be facing a deficit again and in the meantime, money that was supposed to go to Muni to upgrade services is being used to pay for current expenses. Our overstressed public transit system is becoming more crowded every week. Train after train pull into the underground stations, each one with standing room only. As the cars emerge to street level, they become packed. Rush hour extends to half the morning going downtown and several hours of the evening. The Mayor understands that we must make the city hospitable to business, but lets make it hospitable for workers too. Perhaps Muni fares need to be raised. Someone should be planning ahead to ensure better public transit for the future.

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