Another voting group

After giving up on soccer moms and Nascar dads, political campaign managers are turning their attention to unmarried women. Is this the next big voting bloc on the horizon? It’s not clear why unmarried women should have many interests in common. Some of them are raising children, others are childless, some are young business and professional women, others are waitresses and nurses’ aides, and many are retirees. It’s not clear what similarities bind them together, but we’ll leave that to the politicians to figure that out. What is known about them, especially the younger ones from 18 to 25, is that many of them do not vote in elections. These are busy women with many interests and prime candidates for absentee voting. That’s why they are the target of the League’s Vote at Home campaign, which encourages citizens to register as permanent absentee voters, so even if they can’t get to the polls, they can make their voices heard. This will be especially important in 2008 with three important elections coming up for Californians.

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