Another legislative failure

Californians are becoming used to having a legislature which seems unable to cope with the most important issues facing our state. Once again a legislative session has come to an end with many important bills still languishing. The S.F. Chronicle told us today that the legislature failed to pass the water bill despite the urgency of this issue. Was it the process that was at fault? Were not enough people consulted? Opinions differ, but while legislators and commentators argue about whose at fault for the failures, the problems mount. Our coastline is rising, our snowpack grows more unreliable is dwindling, and a drought continues to afflict much of the state. The curious citizen can take a look at California’s Water Plan, a document that outlines many of the problems, but our legislators appear unable to accept clear evidence that something needs to be done. We need to get busy and contact our representatives to demand action. This is not the only difficult issue facing the state, but it is a vital one for all of us.

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