Another false economy

California continues to stumble along its way to devising a budget for the coming year. While most of us don’t claim to have the answers about what the governor should do, we can recognize that some suggestions seem downright foolish. One of them is the plan to cut funding to schools throughout the state. The cut may be temporary, but the money will not be refunded to the schools as it usually has been in past years. California, one of the most diverse states in the country, should be spending more not less on education. We are a state strong in high tech and green industries which offer jobs requiring good education. Our children need a chance to prepare for those jobs, yet California ranks 47th out of 50 states in funding for education. Tiny Vermont spends almost twice as much per child as California does. It’s no wonder that Silicon Valley executives look out of the state and out of the country to find applicants for the jobs they offer. Even though the bad economic times seem endless, they will eventually end, but let’s not sacrifice a generation of young people to pay for our economic excesses. An educated workforce is our most valuable asset. Let’s keep it strong!

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