Another crazy vision?

Once Al Gore gets an idea in mind, he goes all out for it. In these last few years he has persuaded most Americans that global warming is real and that it is a danger to all of us. Now he has come up with a radical idea–a challenge for “getting 100 percent of our electricity from renewable resources and carbon-constrained fuels within ten years”. That sounds like a unreachable goal. The costs will be high, the technology doesn’t yet exist, and the timeline is short. Bob Herbert’s column in the New York Times offers a far more optimistic assessment pointing out how many near-impossible tasks the U.S. has accomplished over the years, from winning World War II to developing a space program. We seem to be in a slump of confidence now, unable to imagine overcoming new challenges, but if enough enthusiastic citizens sign on for Al Gore’s vision, we may find new strength and surprise ourselves. It’s worth trying!

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