An Interview with Our Summer Volunteer – Tracy Giuong

tracygiuongTracy Giuong, our LWVSF summer volunteer, is an incoming junior at Lowell High School. She decided to volunteer with the LWVSF in order to give back to her community. Her organizational skills, along with her dedication and strong work ethic, were invaluable and we thank her for her time and efforts. I sat down with Tracy to recap her summer work at the LWVSF and to explore what lies ahead.


WW: How did you first hear about the League of Women Voters San Francisco (LWVSF)?

TG: I first heard about LWVSF when school was coming to an end this past May. I wanted to do something productive over the summer and the Dean of my school suggested the League. I didn’t know much about the League but I thought it sounded like an interesting organization. I also thought that it would be a great opportunity to increase my clerical skills.

WW: What was your favorite project that you worked on? Did you learn any new skills that will help you in the future?

TG: I would have to say my favorite project was organizing the office closet. It was fun finding unusual things such as an old voice recorder and a giant bottle of wine. I learned several things while volunteering, including how to correctly use a scanner. The knowledge about the scanner will definitely help me in the future if I do any clerical work.

WW: Do you have plans to join the LWVSF? What makes our League special?

TG: Yes, I will be joining the League as a member. There is no limit to what LWVSF can do – it’s an organization where anyone can go to for non-partisan information. Our League is special because it includes unique people that you cannot find anywhere else. The energy from League members can light up a room. Everyone has astonishing personalities and that’s what I’m going to miss the most.

WW: What are your favorite hobbies? And why?

TG: Photography is my favorite because it allows me to recall memories from the past by viewing one simple image. There are so many ways to interpret a picture. Everyone has a different perspective, and it’s photography that allows you to share your perspective with the people around you.

WW: What is your favorite place in San Francisco?

TG: My favorite place in SF is Mile Rock Beach. I love to listen to the waves crash onto the rocks, walk along on the trails with friends, and be in nature in general. It makes me appreciate the small things in life. Even though there’s about a million stairs before you reach the beach, it’s worth the adventure. It has an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

WW: If you have plans to attend college, where would you like to go and what would you major in?

TG: My goal is to attend University of the Pacific in Stockton. I’ve done some research and they have one of the best pre-pharmacy programs in California. Because I’m such a family person, I wanted to go to school nearby my family or at least close home.

Thank you Tracy for your amazing work this summer!

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