An idea that works

San Francisco has a wealth of organizations serving the needs of groups within our community. One of these, which offers help to young people who have the ability to complete high school and go to college, but who may need a little help in getting there is Summer Search, a small group that helps individual students to find their potential. By concentrating on the individual, offering mentoring and enrichment programs, Summer Search has helped students complete high school, go on to college, and build successful lives. This year they are holding an Alumni Reunion to bring together some of the young men and women who have participated in the program. The League will help, in a small way, by offering information to encourage the participants to vote and become active citizens. It’s worth taking a few minutes to look at the Summer Search website and recognize what is being done. If any League member is able and willing to attend the Alumni program and meet some of the Summer Search participants, send an email to the office at for more information.

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