Ah, election season. A voter’s delight.

Hooray! There is an election coming up. Five ballot measures and two unopposed candidates. We voters can make a difference by voting on the ballot measures, particularly if we care about controlling garish advertising. The League’s carefully considered Pros & Cons, and its positions on the measures are out. The City Voter Information Pamphlet & Sample Ballot was in the mail last week.

The League’s Membership pre-election breakfast happened today. About forty people discussed the pros & cons, as part of a morning dedicated to getting informed in advance of voting. The issues this November have to do with budgeting and financial planning, controlling both the appearance and quantity of advertising in the City, clearing some clutter from the City Charter, and naming the ballpark at Candlestick Point (possibly to the indirect benefit of our parks and recreation programs). People care about keeping our City beautiful, I’ll tell you, and about sensible budget practices.

There is time to get up to speed before we vote. Because the ballot has only the few measures for our consideration, preparation won’t take more than thirty minutes study. We might want to let the information percolate, and talk to our family, friends, and co-workers (if we are lucky enough to have a job). Talk to the people on the bus. Engage. Think about the pros & cons. But don’t mail that ballot just yet.

Right. Please hold on to the ballot unless it is to drop it off at City Hall (early poll voting underway). More in this space soon about the perils of vote-by-mail. If you care about your vote being received and counted as cast, please pause before mailing.

Tangentially, thanks to everyone at the League breakfast for such an informative, motivating, inspiring morning in your company. A special thanks for turning up and intently engaging to Sima, Wylie, Charles, and everyone else there whose names I wish I could recall and who happen to not be League members (yet?). Visit the League again soon, call if you have questions (989-vote), and stay in touch as a Facebook fan. LLII.

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