After the party

Yesterday felt like a special holiday for the city. While not everyone had a chance to watch the Inauguration on big screen TV, most people managed to get a look at it somewhere. It was a day to enjoy the growth of technology like streaming videos, cell phone screens, and the Interet, among other things. Most of all it was a day to celebrate a change in attitudes toward the government. A new president has come to Washington and a new feeling has swept the country. Californians have a special reason to be happy because so many of us were represented at the events. As Matier and Ross point out, the stands were filled with California officials, current and past as well as political hopefuls. And our own Senator Dianne Feinstein presided gracefully over the festivities making us all proud. San Franciscans are famous for airing their opinions frankly and giving praise and blame where they are deserved. We’re looking forward to having a chance to tell our new president our hopes and plans. Welcome President Obama, come out and see us soon!

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