Advocacy Committee Update – October 2017

This month, the Advocacy Committee met to discuss the upcoming proposed changes to San Francisco’s Sunshine Ordinance. The Sunshine Ordinance was revolutionary for its time: promoting government transparency in San Francisco. The ordinance served as a model for other cities, and continues to provide San Franciscans with a way to access information about the decisions being made in our local government.
The Sunshine Ordinance, however, is showing its age, and there is a growing movement to update it. The Advocacy Committee is working to learn about the proposed changes, and we’re building a strategy to share this information with voters. We’re excited to be working on this important local issue, and are planning to focus our attention on this work in the fall.

The committee also brainstormed ways to follow up on 2016 ballot measures that were both supported by the League and passed. Passing a ballot measure is often just the first step to change, and we’d like to see how things are going. This project is just getting started, and the Advocacy Committee would welcome ideas and suggestions on how to collect information about the implementation of these ballot measures and the best way to share that information with fellow League members and voters.

The Advocacy Committee meets the third Monday of each month at 6pm in the League office, and we welcome any League members interested in this type of work. Please email to join.

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