A winning team

The TV news shows these last few days have given a lot of time to a few cruel and vicious words spoken by radio host Don Imus referring to the Rutgers University Women’s Basketball Team. Other media men (and all the ones I saw were all men) responded by discussing whether the words could be forgiven, whether suspension or firing was the appropriate punishment–unbelievably enough there were differences of opinion on that. It wasn’t until the team members themselves appeared on the news that we heard a dignified and heartfelt response to the irresponsible attack. The women spoke quietly and told of their feelings–putting to shame all the trivial media chatter. These young women, and others like them, are the future leaders of the country. We in the League try our best to get them involved in the public arena where they will be empowered to create a world where no one listens to silly old men who think causing pain to others can be funny.

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