A webcast to watch

During this quiet weekend, now that the excitement of the primary campaigns are over and we can take a breather before the general election campaign begins, take the time to watch a speech given by Bill Moyers at the Media Reform conference in Minneapolis this week. Most of us have seen Bill Moyers on PBS even though we may not watch his program regularly. He has alerted us to many of the problems and dangers facing Americans over the years. Now he talks us about the dangers of media conglomeration which is narrowing the scope of news we can access from newspapers and television. As the FCC allows more and more consolidation of media in many markets, the number of reporters and columnists shrink. Fewer points of view are aired in the mainstream media, and those that do appear are shaped as often by advertisers as by facts. Anyone who cares about the future of democracy in our country should pay attention. It’s worth listening and thinking about his message.

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