A long struggle

John Trasvina, President and General Counsel of MALDEF, spoke at the well-attended annual general meeting of the SF League today about immigration policy. He pointed out that the United States has for many years had a policy of reuniting families through allowing relatives of immigrants a fast track to a green card. The new revised Immigration Bill coming to the Senate this week changes that system to one of relying on points given for job and language skills. Opinions about our new immigration policy vary widely, crossing party lines as well as geographic areas. While John was speaking to us, a rally was held at the Washington Monument by a group of people opposed to the Immigration Bill because it allows “amnesty” for illegal migrants. The National League could not have chosen a better time to conduct a study of immigration. It’s an issue that all voters should be knowledgeable about. It will our future and the future of our children and grandchildren for generations. The San Francisco League has set up a committee to study immigration and all members are invited to attend meetings, learn more about the issue, and help the group come to a consensus on what our policy should be. For further information check the website and call or email the League office.

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