A job well done

Now that the Bay Bridge has opened again, attention has turned away from it and Northern Californians will find something else to complain about. But let’s not forget that we are the beneficiaries of an excellent engineering job. Read all about it in today’s S.F. Chronicle. It’s easy for us to forget that in many places in the world today citizens would be worrying about sloppy repair work on public projects and corruption in the companies that we rely on for our basic urban needs. There are a lot of people to thank for the quick repair of one of our vital transit links, primarily of course the men and women who worked on the job and got it done so effectively. But their good work depends on having well-trained workers who came through our school systems. We are not producing enough engineers and scientists in this country, but an event like this makes us realize how much we depend on them for our everyday needs. As the new school year begins, let’s give a cheer for the teachers from kindergarten on up who inspire our children to become the people we’ll depend on to keep our society going. And who teach about the importance of acting for the good of the whole community. And when election day comes, let’s remember how vital our schools are and support them as they deserve.

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