A government health system. Fine. California’s SB 810.

It may be Congress will pass healthcare reform legislation sooner rather than not at all. I remain sceptical that it will happen, or that the resulting legislation will actually make meaningful health care, including preventive care, available to the increasing millions who currently do without.

One can be more confident about supporting a California opt-out from any federal program, bringing a single-payer system to the State as an alternative. The Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP) a pretty tweedy bunch by the look of them, advocates for the single-payer approach. PNHP, with California chapters, is another source of information regarding the single-payer approach, if the New York Times reporting is feeling old (it remains one of the most fact-based sources of information on the legislation pending in Congress and the human and economic benefits of universal health care).

California’s pending legislation, SB 810, would deliver universal health care via a single-payer system. Check out the fact sheet here. We can see what SB 810 would provide. The State legislation isn’t padded by nearly a thousand pages including limiting qualifiers and special giveaways to private interests. SB 810 has been vetted for some time now. Implementing the State system would be more manageable – and faster – than implementing whatever the federal program will be.

SB 810 is one government program we can get behind. We the people can see from the terribly disappointing past twelve months that those people in Congress aren’t thinking about us. This may be one more case where buying local is the right choice. LLII.

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