This in the other day from our Governor:

“As governor, I have made significant efforts to advance health reform in California. As the Obama administration was launching the current debate on health care reform, I hosted a bipartisan forum in our state because I believe in the vital importance of this issue, and that it should be addressed through bipartisan cooperation.

Our principal goals, slowing the growth in costs, enhancing the quality of care delivered, improving the lives of individuals, and helping to ensure a strong economic recovery, are the same goals that the president is trying to achieve. I appreciate his partnership with the states and encourage our colleagues on both sides of the political aisle at the national level to move forward and accomplish these vital goals for the American people. “

Would it be churlish to note that this very same Governor closed enrollment to the State’s children’s healthcare program…and restored it after the waiting list grew to more than 100,000 with alarming speed? Yes. Instead, let’s be optimistic that more and more Congresspeople will come around to speak up for universal healthcare as a fundamental right. At the very least, if Congress fails us, perhaps California will craft and launch its own plan providing affordable, universal coverage. We will remember our Governor’s words from this week, and look to him for leadership. It would be quite the legacy. LLII.

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