2017 Legislative Interview with Assembly member David Chiu

Every year the League of Women Voters meets with our state legislators to discuss subjects of interest to our state League.  The questions reflect concerns our state League is hearing from Leagues around California.  We also ask our representatives about their personal priorities.  The following is what we learned from our Assemblyman David Chiu when we met with him on March 3.

DavidChiu-Headshot (1)

Question: What legislative measures would you support to ensure adequate and stable funding of election administration in California?
A: Localities should be paying for local elections but there should be a way to balance out the costs on state elections. Mr. Chiu supports a statewide conversation on whether we should consider an open source system. He supports Prop 13 reform which could provide more money for election systems.

Q: How can California meet the challenge of enrolling more students, including students with greater needs, at the UC and CSU? Is more state funding needed? Where does this issue rank in your legislative priorities?
A This is a top legislative priority for Mr. Chiu. He is open to whatever tax reforms will raise revenues for this. A short term idea is to adjust student loan repayments to the students’s income level after graduation. Long term we will have to figure out how to support higher education as much as possible.

Q What kinds of legislative proposals would you support to ensure that enough water of adequate quality is available for municipal and industrial uses, agriculture, and the environment in the fact of over-stretched surface water and groundwater resources and climate conditions different than those California experienced in the last century?
A “I’m one of the stanchest environmentalists in the state capital.” We need to do a better job of water conversation. Mr. Chiu is “agnostic” on the proposed twin tunnels. “We need to think of water as a public resource that is finite and that is in danger and that has to be treated as a public good.”

Assemblyman Chiu’s priorities:
* Build more housing as quickly as possible.
* “We have a transportation crisis.”
* Family issues. “I’m a new dad.” San Francisco and California can do better when it comes to taking care of kids. We don’t invest enough in K-12 or higher education and also parks and open space.
He is working to protect San Francisco and California from the bad things Donald Trump wants to do including the protection of immigrants, the protection of Muslims, LGBT, and Latino students among others, and he also supports legislation that will educate students around facts and how to read the media in critical and an analytical way.


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