What’s in your mailbox?

Ah, election season.  We return to a topic addressed by this blog in previous election seasons and on the Homepages of many a League website, including our own.  What’s in your mailbox, providing guidance regarding the June election?  Or other nonsense. 

We like full mailboxes because they represent cash to the beleaguered USPS.  And we are all for people speaking out for causes they believe in.  This works, however, only if we don’t believe everything we read. 

In the category of nonsense mail, as an example, PG&E simply will not stop in its effort to defeat Marin residents’ right to an alternative power provider.   Apparently, PG&E was on the disinformation forefront again last week, with letters to Marin households advising the residents to opposeparticipation in the Marin Energy Authority Such letters are illegal under a 2002 law.  Surely PG&E’s lawyers knew this.  But it’s alright, since the company has said sorry.  PG&E may be apologizing, but they probably aren’t sorry.  Their message is out.  No big dollar fine. They live to disinform another day .  [With apologies (and sincere thanks) to PG&E employees not involved in the company’s shenanigans…we know you work tirelessly to ensure that electricity flows to us.  We know you don’t make corporate policy.]

Back to the election, take a quick refresher on the power of the written word, and the importance of making up your own mind, using objectively prepared information.  The Marin League of Women Voters prepared this  helpful video clip on the subject.

Ready to vote on or before June 8th?  Your Vote by Mail ballot was in your mailbox last week, along with the City’s helpful voter information pamphlet.  Monday through Friday early voting is underway at City Hall (weekend City Hall voting starts May 29).  Learn the San Francisco League’s positions on the City ballot measures here, as well as why those positions were adopted.

Love the manifestation of free speech in your mail box.  At the same time,  be the discerning voter.  LLII>

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