Board Meeting Minutes – January 2015

January 20th Board Meeting

  • Sunshine Task Force: Allyson Washburn, the LWVSF representative on San Francisco’s Sunshine Task Force, checked in with the board. She discussed the potential for the League to be involved in a 2016 ballot initiative to strengthen the Sunshine Task Force. Her experiences on the Sunshine Task Force will now be profiled quarterly on our website.
  • Annual Meeting: The date of the Annual Meeting was approved for June 6, location TBD.
  • Annual Appeal: Our Annual Appeal for donations raised over $11,000! We are currently seeking sponsors for the Women Who Could Be President Gala.
  • Voter Service: Our Voter Service Committee has opportunities for volunteers to participate in daytime activities.
  • Membership Committee: Membership Committee is currently researching our member and donor database, as well as looking into how to best collect data on member demographics.

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