A great way to get involved with and learn more about the League is to join one of our committees. Some committees meet monthly while others convene as needed on a project basis. Meetings are held at the League’s office in Downtown San Francisco.

Want to join a committee? Check out the committee descriptions below and email Program Manager Nati Oron about getting involved.

Monthly Committees

Communications Committee
Meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm
Communications Co-Chairs: Leuwam Tesfai and Whitney Wattsleuwam&whitney

Get published and promote the League! The Communications Committee seeks opportunities to make the League’s work more visible through the website, newsletter, social media and our blog. We also work with the media to raise awareness about the League’s activities.

Engage the public on issues that matter! Join the Communications Committee.

Membership Committee
Meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 5:30 pm
Membership Co-Chairs: Julie Navejas & Britta Mason

Julie NavjasCreate a stronger League by supporting current members, increasing member satisfaction, and creating excitement and value that gets new people to join.

Help create social and educational events, develop membership speaking points, prepare membership educational materials, and get member feedback. This committee does a lot of in-person networking with members and event planning.

Advocacy Committee
Meets the 3rd Monday of every month at 6:00 pm
Advocacy Co-Chair: Maxine Anderson

Maxine Anderson

Help promote positive solutions to San Francisco public policy issues. This committee encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Advocacy committee members track and analyze select critical issues and, after careful study and consensus, act to influence policy. This committee coordinates the League’s efforts monitoring and analysis of election ballot measures, and local healthcare and school board issues.

Project Committees

Voter Services Committee
Help educate citizens so they can make informed choices and get involved in government. This is the heart and soul of the League. This critical committee needs many helping hands. It includes the following activities: Speakers Bureau, televised debates, Pros & Cons Guide, Candidate Forums, the Smart Voter website, and  Community Elections Monitoring. Contact for meeting times.

Website and Newsletter Committee
Do you like to write or edit? Help inform, educate, and activate League members by helping us produce our web content and newsletter.

Development Committee
Help bring home the bacon! Committee members research and write grants, develop relationships, create fundraising events, and solicit support from interested community members and companies.

Volunteers and Internships Committee
This committee recruits volunteers, solicits and supports interns (often by guiding them through special projects), and helps us let our volunteers know how important and appreciated they are.

Public Relations Committee
This committee is focused on media and community partnerships, and is ideal for those experience working with the media or building relationships with community groups. Help spread the word about the League using print, TV, radio, and the web. You can also help us to create strong connections and partnerships with community groups across San Francisco.

Finance Committee
Help keep the League on track. This committee ensures the accurate and timely reporting of the League’s financial health.

Budget Committee
People with a good eye for finances are needed to help create the League’s annual budget. This committee typically works in the spring. This short-term commitment makes a big impact on the League’s operations.

Nominating Committee
Who will the next generation of League leaders be? Nominating committee members are always on the look out to bring talented, diverse, and dedicated women and men to the League’s board of directors. This committee communicates throughout the year and makes recommendations for board nominees each spring.