Redistricting Commission Begins Its Work!

2011 has had a troubling start with few indications that, as bad as things have been already, the worst is behind us.  Fortunately, when things are their darkest,  we have somewhere to turn for evidence that civilization and democracy can persist.  It may be the tiniest manifestation of our capacity for high function, and readers may accuse us of obsession, but take heart in the fact that the Citizens Redistricting Commission is fully populated with its fourteen members, and its work begins in two days!

Yes.  The final six members were selected as 2010 closed.  See who they are (scroll to the bottom of the page), with their demographic profile charted here.  Hey, you may know one or more of these people!  

The first meeting of the full Commission is scheduled for January 12 in Sacramento.  But we can watch it wherever there is internet access!  Watch the broadcast here, starting at 10:30 a.m.  The agenda may help you make your viewing decisions.   Btw, if you see hi-jinks anything remotely approaching those of the City’s Board of Supervisors’ during the recent mayoral selection travesty, contact the League of Women voters ASAP.  We should already be aware of anything quirky, but everyone watching can play the essential role of witness.  

It is true we have shone a persistent light on the Commission.  Their work, to create districts of relatively equal population with the objective of providing fair representation to Californians, is persistently crucial.  Particularly in these troubling times.  No other state has a similar politically balanced redistricting system.  Stay tuned.  Stay optimistic.  Be a witness to (and a beneficiary of ) history.    LLII.

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